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Sustainable urban development is an urgent topic. The increasing complexity of cities and agglomerations calls evermore for research aimed at the optimization of urban planning, economic and sociocultural factors.

The urban simulation makes it possible to seize the extensive data and to visualize the future developments of the defined range. This methodology helps to recognize the regularities and development potentials of a city, a region or a whole country.

In order to let development potentials become effective in the context of measures concerning town construction, the resulting studies from it supply the bases. In a urban simulation the effects of planning variants can do made visible and it can to possible measures concerning town construction be referred, in order the future development of a city or urban region concerning economic, socio-cultural factors and connections concerning town construction to optimize.

These studies analyze on the basis of traffic -, population and economic structures of existing and planned situations concerning town construction the future development of a defined urban range. They form the interface between town planning, economics and architecture.

author: Aurelius Bernet


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